Paradigm: An Archetype Assessment Tool

Aligning culture and brand
authenticity through a
blend of art and science.


Our Unique Approach

Paradigm is Muse Marketing + Creative’s proprietary brand assessment tool. The assessment is similar to a traditional Myers–Briggs questionnaire but, rather than identifying personal characteristics, it serves as an important step in understanding your company’s culture and archetypal DNA. Paradigm’s unique algorithm and reporting translates participant responses into your organization’s primary and secondary brand archetypes. Once identified, your archetypes map a path to creating an authentic brand that has proven to enhance customer trust and loyalty.

Using your Paradigm archetypal results, you’ll be empowered to:

  • More clearly understand your internal culture and employee attitudes
  • Discover, define, and maintain a compelling and truly authentic brand identity
  • Have a moral compass that strategically directs your marketing efforts
  • Build more effective brand and marketing strategies based on authentic messages that resonate
  • Better position your organization for greater growth and brand maturity

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