Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

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Advanced thought-leadership, experience and expertise across multiple industries. 

While Muse Marketing + Creative provides full service marketing and brand support across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals, we’ve experienced tremendous success serving a handful of niche verticals. Our broad work in these industries provides us a unique perspective and set of insights that empower our clients to new levels of success. While each of the industries align on many marketing and customer experience practices, our tenure serving each has provided us the unique ability to build an insight library that optimizes our effectiveness and has established us as a leader in their fields.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

As a marketing provider to many of the nation’s leading financial planning and wealth management firms, we provide our partners with customized marketing and branding solutions that provide them the ability to break from conventional industry marketing standards. More importantly, Muse empowers our planning firms with an exemplary brand and client experience that competes with much larger competitors and banking corporations. Read more▪

Financial Services (Credit Card Marketing)

Standing out in the financial services vertical is a complex task. Profitability depends on obtaining and maintaining your top wallet status and remaining engaged with cardholders. With experience driving cardholder engagement and developing experience-based acquisitions strategies, Muse can help you identify and deliver measurable business results. Read more▪


Healthcare marketing brings with it very unique challenges. Integrating multi-channel, highly-segmented and targeted online and offline tactics is critical to gaining patient awareness. Strategic community outreach and targeted marketing is essential to finding and attracting the right patients and meeting your success metrics. With experience and success in healthcare marketing field, we can help you develop a strategy that connects and retains members of your healthcare community. Read more▪

Customer Experience and Contact Center (BPO)

Muse’s Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center (BPO) expertise truly sets us apart from other marketing and branding agencies. Having over five decades of experience in this complex B2B vertical, we understand the unique challenges to providing transparent customer care excellence and the importance KPIs, technology and culture play in your success. Read more▪

Solar Power

Having worked with the nation’s leading solar providers, we understand the complexity of marketing green energy. Our team utilizes proven, modern day marketing and branding practices that will provide your company the sustainable results needed to stand out in the competitive and ever evolving clean energy marketplace. Read more▪

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