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Today’s complex consumer marketplace requires a new mindset. One that pushes traditional boundaries while leveraging data and behavioral science principals. As a full-service marketing and creative firm having executive experience partnering and working within some of the world’s leading brands, we empower our partners with the ability to deliver results-driven marketing and brand experiences.

Our suite of marketing solutions and expertise provides our partners with meaningful insights, derived from both quantitative and qualitative resources to make informed and impactful decisions. Whether you’re looking to rebrand your company, develop an integrated campaign or enhance your marketing strategy, we make the impossible possible. It’s our passion. We believe in the power of great stories and the spirit of creativity. Supported by a full suite of solutions designed with one goal – to exceed expectations and optimize ROI.


Resource constraints. Growing competition and commoditization. Emerging technologies. Mergers and acquisitions. Budget challenges. Expertise needs. New products. Everchanging economic influences. We understand that today’s marketing landscape is difficult to navigate. That’s where we can help by providing the expertise and support you need to achieve differentiation. We specialize in breaking the unconventional and developing customer experiences that are not only dynamic but produce results and increase your bottom line. Read more▪


Your brand is the pillar that supports your culture, corporate values and customer promise. It’s critical your brand is authentic and permeates the span of your marketing and communications. At the heart of a great brand is an equally great storyteller. That’s where we excel. We expertly craft your brand creating a cohesive visual and verbal identity that not only provides consistency for brand awareness, but differentiates you from the competition. Our unique brand development process begins with Paradigm, Muse’s proprietary culture and brand assessment tool. Through Paradigm and archetypal branding and behavior science applications, we have the ability to determine core branding components and work collaboratively with our partners to develop a truly authentic and dynamic identity. Read more▪

Muse Central Marketing Office (CMO): Comprehensive and Transparent Marketing Support

For companies in need of more comprehensive support, Muse provides full-service and transparent marketing assistance. Muse CMO includes a wide variety of support options including:

  • Outsourced CMO
  • Marketing Services and Staffing
  • Marketing Consulting

We offer a wide range of customized solutions designed to provide the same quality service and expertise that an internal marketing department provides. With experience leading internal marketing departments and delivering corporate marketing support, our team can provide you the marketing resources needed to reach your next level of growth while meeting your budget goals. Read more▪

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