Brand Audit/Journey Mapping

Brand Audit/Journey Mapping

your journey.

Our unique Customer Journey Mapping and Brand Experience Audit process.

Every company strives to have a unique and differentiating brand experience. But, only the truly great brands commit to extending the same authentic and consistent experience across every channel and touchpoint. They meticulously map their journeys to ensure a memorable experience at each stage of the customer path. Holding the customer’s attention, regardless of channel or sales life cycle, encouraging them to engage with their brand and purchase.

Muse has found Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and Brand Experience Audits (BEA) to be a powerful tool to ensure customers have a seamless experience at every brand interaction. Through the mapping and audit exercises, companies can identify brand experience gaps that provide points of customer frustration and potential sales performance barriers.

While often looked upon as a complex endeavor, there are essentially three traditional stages in the Customer Journey Mapping and Brand Experience Audit process:

Stage 1: Awareness

This stage is the start of the journey when someone first engages your brand. This stage is also known as top of the funnel or acquisition stage. At this point, your prospect likely doesn’t know much about your product and how you can provide a solution. It’s imperative you capture their attention to ensure brand engagement and a repeat visit. While a sale is optimal, the goal of this stage is to create engagement.

Stage 2: Consideration

Your subscribers are still not ready to buy at this stage. However, they are curious about your product. They understand that it can help them but they aren’t fully sold. They need more information. In the Consideration Stage, it’s imperative you nurture your leads by feeding them more content that precisely but subtly addresses the problems they are facing and how your brand can provide a solution.

Stage 3: Decision

Now it’s the time to ask for the sale. You’ve educated your lead and they have a clear understanding of your product and/or service offering. Ask your prospect to contact you with any questions or utilize personalization in your marketing.

Whether you’re rebranding your company or seeking to refine your overall brand and customer experience, Muse can guide you through the Customer Journey Mapping and Brand Experience Audit process to ensure your omnichannel footprint is authentic, engaging and, most importantly, meeting your goals.


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