Variable Campaign
Direct Mail + Email Blasts + PURL Site

Challenge: Portfolio conversions are always a challenge. Onboarding a new customer base and maintaining a positive customer experience is critical to a successful conversion and establishing immediate loyalty. After Barclaycard US agreed to terms with National Football League, they were left with a daunting task – to convert thousands of NFL “Extra Points” cardholders within a minuscule 90-day period. All the while, ensuring NFL management and supporting teams that their fans and cardholders would experience an onboarding and communication strategy that was custom to their fandom.

Solution: Working with the NFL, the company developed and executed an interactive, one-to-one, variable print and multi-channel campaign. Entitled “Keep It Real. NFL Real.”, the complex campaign included customization and personalization of each communication ensuring that each fan’s NFL team was prominently represented. To gain immediate engagement, each cardholder was mailed a unique VIP “All Access Pass” replica badge with a PURL call-to-action to visit their personalized microsite. The microsite visual replicated their team’s locker room with a personalized jersey as the primary visual focus point. The site also featured interactive games and a “Football Friday Sweepstakes” page as select cardholders were identified through the site as winners of NFL merchandise. Additionally, the campaign featured cardholder letters, email, social media communications and outbound calling. Overall, the campaign was enthusiastically supported by NFL leadership, experienced response rates exceeding 12% and converted over 20,000 previous cardholders.

Campaign Components:

  • Variable Letter
  • Standard Email Blasts
  • Variable Email Blasts
  • Variable Viewbook Mailing
  • Variable Self-Mailers
  • PURL Micro Site

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