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Challenge: Getting the attention of a coveted prospect can seem to be an impossible task. Oracle, a cloud-based marketing solutions provider, turned to Muse to help in a critical B2B business development effort to land a critical Fortune 500 company. We were asked to create an interactive, engaging and unique direct marketing solution that was garner the attention of the prospect’s C-Level leadership.

Solution: Muse leveraged its proven Concierge Product. Concierge is a proven business-to-business product developed exclusively for lead and prospect conversions. Its innovative platform incorporates experiential branding, one-to-one marketing and variable print practices. The tool’s success is driven by its ability to demonstrate a strong co-branded narrative that presents your company’s value proposition and customer benefits in an engaging, personal, and visual engaging format – the key to opening the door to your leads and closing sales with your prospects.

Solutions Provided:

  • Oracle/Prospect Branded Uniquely Bounded Book
  • Custom, Die Cut Packaging with Interior and Exterior Branding
  • Branded Flash Drive with Branded Case Study Content

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