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Variable Campaign
Direct Mail + Email Blasts + PURL Site

Challenge: Too often, companies sacrifice creativity and personalization when strategizing for large scale, broad-based marketing efforts. Barclaycard US forged a new frontier in credit card and financial services marketing when confronted with a formidable challenge – convert a newly purchased US Airways Visa Portfolio (from Bank of America) to a US Airways Barclays MasterCard program. The goal? Successfully market to 400,000+ newly converted cardholders and meet an aggressive 90% activation rate.

Solution: Disruption through a unique customer experience utilizing one-to-one marketing practices. Rather than following conversion norms and the much traveled path of previous credit card marketing efforts, Barclaycard US chose a path that would establish a new benchmark for the industry. Working with US Airways, a series of innovative and compelling communication pieces were created to inform customers of the benefits of their new card and communicate a roadmap of what to expect during the conversion event. By leveraging marketing tools not often used within the category, including a custom direct mail leading to personalized URL and web site, Barclaycard US experienced ground breaking success. The 12-month initiative consisted of 2 phases, 8 campaigns, 31+ unique communications to over 400,000 accounts and included over 12,400,000 customer tough points. More importantly, the conversion produced extraordinary results including a 93% card activation rate, over 100,000 microsite visits, and an overall 13%+ response rate. In total, the campaign converted over a half million customers and received two international awards for marketing communications and integrated campaign excellence, three Benny Awards for outstanding performance/design and was also recognized by US Airways for outstanding creative.

Campaign Components:

  • Variable Letter
  • Standard Email Blasts
  • Variable Email Blasts
  • Variable Viewbook Mailing
  • Variable Self-Mailers
  • PURL Micro Site

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