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Alicia DeCaro
Managing Partner + Chief Creative Officer

“Your brand has a personality that needs to be conveyed. It’s what makes you different from the rest and enables you to succeed where others have faulted. Partnering with you and seeing your achievements based on what we’ve created together is what I live for … it’s what makes Muse stand out.”

Alicia is Muse’s executive creative and design director. She manages creative and brand development and is responsible for ensuring Partners receive integrated brand collateral that is customized to their market and uniquely meets their business needs. Alicia brings over 23 years of experience in the healthcare, financial services, gaming, education and customer experience verticals with distinction building dynamic brands and designing results-driven marketing communications. Throughout her career, she has successfully developed innovative design, creative and brand solutions for leading companies across the globe and her design artistry can be seen among the world’s largest brands.

Alicia in a native of New Jersey and now lives in Woodstown, NJ with her husband, Jamey, and her five year-old daughter, Giada.

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