10 Questions to Ask: Is Your Branding Limiting Your Firm’s Growth?

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

10 Questions to Ask:
Is Your Branding Limiting
Your Firm’s Growth?

Before you go down the path of increasing discounts or services to attract and retain clients, ask yourself and your team the following ten questions to determine if rebranding should be in your future.

  1. Has your growth plateaued?
  2. Are your referrals declining?
  3. Is your logo and overall visual identity stale and outdated?
  4. Are your culture, corporate values and client promise consistently demonstrated in your branding?
  5. Does your branding differentiate you from your competitors?
  6. Does your branding make you appear like a small organization?
  7. Does your brand color palette coordinate and represent who you are as an organization and culture?
  8. Do your marketing materials, office branding, client communications and website inspire and evoke emotion?
  9. Do you have a tagline and mission that distinctly represents your client promise?
  10. Is your brand a source of pride and inspiration for your employees and clients?

The Importance of Branding and How Muse Marketing + Creative Can Help You Achieve Success

Growing your client base and maintaining client loyalty is critically tied to developing and sustaining a brand identity that’s contemporary, consistent and trustworthy. Most importantly, in today’s hyper-competitive financial planning and wealth management industry, your branding must authentically and clearly demonstrate your unique value proposition, experience and expertise in a manner that reflects your culture, values and planning approach.

The truth of the matter is that you’re not only competing with other financial planning firms, but also with the brands your clients and prospects engage with on a daily basis. While you’ve worked tirelessly to be successful and place your clients first, your brand identity hasn’t evolved to represent your values, culture and client promise. Additionally, as consumers’ expectations have changed and brand practices have continued to modernize, your identity and messaging have remained unchanged. That’s where Muse Marketing + Creative excels–we work with advisory firms to transform their branding in a way that authentically demonstrates their value proposition and differentiate you from much larger companies.

Muse Marketing + Creative utilizes a unique brand exploration and development process that incorporates both art and behavior science principles.  Much like you, we believe in the power of metrics and analytics. Our proprietary brand building approach successfully incorporates both quantitative and qualitative methodologies while integrating our award-winning design and creative capabilities. Having partnered with many of the nation’s premier financial planning and wealth management firms, Muse Marketing + Creative understands what’s required to take your firm to the next level of growth. Click here to view a sampling of our brand stories and client transformations.

We have a distinctive brand and marketing approach developed specifically for financial advisory firms. You can learn more by clicking here.

We would love to discuss how we can help you take the next step in your growth.

About Muse Marketing + Creative

With over 100 years of marketing experience and a portfolio that includes both global brands and small businesses, we’re not your traditional agency. We believe in the power of partnership and personal connections. It begins with our Partner promise and a passion for developing brands and creative solutions that inspire customers and drive results. A passion that extends to masterful storytelling deeply rooted in creative artistry, marketing science, and a customer experience focus. Delivered with the personal attention of a boutique agency but with large agency value. Visit musemc.com to learn more.

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