Four Essentials to Managing the COVID-19 Impact & Caring for Your Clients

Four Essentials to Managing the COVID-19 Impact & Caring for Your Clients

These are truly trying times for all. With a wide range of messaging and, at times, misinformation being communicated to your clients on a minute-by-minute basis, it’s more important than ever to provide the transparent information and advice they need and expect from you as their trusted advisor. It also requires a new mindset. The market uncertainties of the past several weeks, as well as weeks of continued instability ahead, represent a truly unique opportunity for successful financial planning and wealth management firms. It’s during these times that your clients want you to shine, show value, deliver reassurance and transparency. If you’ve been diligent and invested in your firm’s brand, success means leaning more than ever on the very mission, brand values and team culture that has driven your growth over the years - authenticity rules during times of crisis. The loyalty and trust you demonstrate now will lead to greater client loyalty later. When we return to a period of market stability and prosperity, your clients will be more committed than ever and become the rapid brand ambassadors every successful company desires.

Having partnered with many of the world’s leading financial planning and wealth management firms, below are four key essentials to managing the COVID-19 crisis, easing the impact to your clients and ensuring you’re fulfilling your role as a trusted advisor.

Increase the Frequency of Your Client Communications
As noted above, the wide-range of messaging is a source of stress for everyone. Whether online, television or social media, your clients are looking for a transparent and trusted source of information. Now is the time to bolster your communication strategy. Begin sharing perspectives, trusted third-party content and, if possible, develop your own content demonstrating your thought-leadership. If you don’t have a recurring newsletter, consider developing a branded version that ensures your messaging is being heard on a continual basis. Most importantly, it provides you the ability to demonstrate compassion, empathy and that your firm is working in the best interest of your clients. Remember the age-old-adage – “out of sight, out of mind.”


Use Various Communications Mediums to Engage with Your Clients
This is the perfect opportunity to begin experimenting with new mediums. Create a video recorded from your home office. Begin creating a bi-weekly market perspective. Don’t make it complicated. A 45-second video or 150-word article will suffice. Your clients also understand these are unusual times and don’t expect a highly produced video. Keep it organic and natural. Regardless of which mediums you elect to use, it’s most critical that your communications are client-centric, recurring, relevant and engaging. During these “stay-at-home” periods, it’s more important than ever that you connect on a personal level with your clients and demonstrate you understand and are overcoming the same challenges – reinforce “we’re in this together.”

Embrace Video Conferencing
While you may have been reluctant to embrace video conferencing in the past, your current and future success now depends on adopting it. If you haven’t done so, select a provider and begin introducing it to your employees and clients. Today’s video conferencing solutions are easy to implement and use. Also look to customize your video conferencing by branding the experience. It’s a proven fact that a sophisticated and contemporary brand identity establishes client trust. Reinforcing it through your client experiences will deliver a high return on investment.

Remain Authentic to Your Brand Values and Corporate Culture
The value of a strong brand with an authentic value set and corporate culture is a defining factor during uncertain times. A transparent and honest brand identity is reassuring to clients during times of stress. It reinforces their buying decision and aligns expectations. Look no further than to leaning on your corporate values and client promise to guide you and your team through this period. Your diligence and investment in creating an authentic, dynamic and meaningful brand will provide its ultimate return as we navigate and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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